Green World Rising: Die ersten zwei von vier gut gemachten Kurzfilmen, welche das letzte Massensterben (Perma) einleuchtend in Zusammenhang mit dem Anstieg des CO2-Gehalts der Atmosphäre bringen – doch lassen wir die Filme selber sprechen.

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“Green World Rising is a series of short films on the state of climate and solutions to the climate crisis. All the films of Green World Rising are for global distribution, free to the public and hold a Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International.

Green World Rising is brought to you by Tree Media with the support of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The series is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, presented by Thom Hartmann and directed by Leila Conners. Executive Producers are George DiCaprio, Earl Katz and Roee Sharon Peled, and produced by Mathew Schmid.

The series is comprised of four films:

Episode 1 – Carbon shows how we can keep carbon in the ground through putting a price on carbon.

Episode 2 – Last Hours is about the real threat of the release of methane from the melting arctic, thus triggering an extreme climate change event.

Episode 3 – Green World Rising shows our pathway forward through renewable technology that decentralizes the current power grid.

Episode 4 – Restoration discusses how the earth’s natural ecosystems deal with climate and how we can work with nature to turn the tide.”

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